Ladder Predictions 2017

Shan Moylan for Footy Inc.

In putting our ladder predictions together there were a few really tough questions to answer.  Was Fremantle’s 2016 season just a glitch or are they truly a bad team?  Hawthorn have made some bold off-season changes getting rid of some older champs (Sam Mitchell and Jordan Lewis) for some younger blood (Jaeger O’Meara and Tom Mitchell) and have Jarryd Roughead back – how does all this effect the team?  And Essendon, who knows what to expect?


(The never ending story – Tigers to hover mid-table again)

However, it seems like things will stay relatively constant at the top of the ladder with the Bulldogs, Sydney, GWS, Adelaide, West Coast and Geelong all expected to have another very good season.

So Dusty and I need to get our predictions posted so that later in the season we can compare against what has actually happened and also compare against some AFL experts.

Already, only half way through round 2, you can see that both of us seem a little off the boil having underestimated Essendon (2-0) and perhaps overestimating Hawthorn (0-2) but you wouldn’t want to write the Hawks off too soon.


We’ll check in later in the season to see how the 2017 season is unfolding.

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